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    Packing and Unpacking Services

    When planning your local or long distance move, packing up your entire home or office can be an extremely time-consuming and exhaustive process. The problem is, packing and unpacking is one of the most important facets of making a move easy and successful or make it feel rushed and difficult. In order to have the best possible move experience, it is very important to have this often overlooked task regarding your move go off without a hitch leading to the best possible pack and  unpack for the move.

    The problem is, many people don’t have the time and experience to truly pack up a box in the most effective way possible to limit or prevent damage to items within it. Also, you have many other aspects of the move that will require your attention, such as business, personal or family matters. That is why we have extended our services to handle the complicated aspects of packing up for your move and unpacking for you as well.

    packing services

    Packing Service Levels Provided

    Sometimes, our customers like to be very involved in their packing and limit how much of our assistance they’d like. We understand and respect that choice, and such we offer several options for you to designate how much of our involvement that you desire in the packing of your items. When it comes to packing up your items, we let you tell us how involved you want us to be in the process. We are just here to help your day go as smoothly as possible for you.

    Full Packing

    We offer full service and complete packing for customers that want a truly full service relocation experience. Our team of professional packers and movers will handle every aspect of the pack for you, so you won’t have to stress at all about preparing for the move.

    Partial Packing

    If you’d like less help with your pack, and only want us to pack up a portion of your home like a single room or floor, we can accommodate that as well. Often times we get asked to just pack up a kitchen or the main floor of the home and we’re happy to accommodate that level of service for you.

    Fragile Item Packing

    Often times we get asked to pack up fragile items so the customer knows those items are boxed with the utmost professional care. Typically this involves us packing up your kitchen and other fine china items. Should you want extra care and attention taken to your fragile items this packing service will take care of that concern for you.

    Single Item Packing

    We also offer single-item packing services to assist with securing your most valued possessions. Typically this includes larger and more valuable items which may also be fragile. These items may be statues, furniture, floor standing vases or any single item you’d like extra care for. Single item packing involves the use of moving blankets and cardboard structure to keep these items well protected. We’ll make sure each item get’s the extra care and special attention it needs to be well protected, packed safely, secure and handled with the utmost care. No matter how big or small the job is Artisan Movers will provide you the best service possible.

    crating serviceCrating Services

    Should you have any single items which require care beyond our single item packing, we provide crating services. Crating is perfect for chandeliers, large stone slabs, sculptures and other larger priceless items which need to be enclosed within a wood frame for added protection. Crating includes the measurement of each item and the crating is completed on site to ensure the crate is created to the most precise dimensions needed to protect that item. As my father always said, measure twice and cut once.

    Moving Supplies & Boxes

    Whatever you need packed, whether you’d like to do the packing yourself or have is do the packing for you, Artisan Movers has you covered. The Artisan Movers team of professional packers and movers are fully equipped with all the right tools to get your pack done correctly. We provide everything from moving boxes, industrial saran wrap, tape and storage.

    Unpacking Services

    When you choose to purchase and utilize our unpacking services, you get a variety of benefits, which does not end with getting your prized possessions into our moving truck and out into your new home. Moving can be an exhausting event. You’ve had to deal with the packing which may have been a larger task than anticipated. Now you’re moved out of your home and need to worry about cleaning your old house in preparation for the new homeowners, which can also take a lot out of you. Then, you finally get into your new home, and you are happy to be relocated. Then comes the daunting task of unpacking!

    Let Artisan Movers take care of the unpacking for you. We’ll load you up, get your moved into your new home and unpack as much of your belongings as you’d like to alleviate that task and stress for you. Unpacking also comes with the removal of boxes and other packing material resulting from the unpacking service.

    Standing By and At Your Service

    We know how valuable your possessions are to you, and we consider it the highest honor to be trusted with the safe care of those items. We will not let down as your trust in our professionalism and the performance of our duties is paramount to us.

    Whether you are planning for a move months away or need help with a relocation in the next few days, we are standing by for your call and are ready to make your pack and move happen to your highest satisfaction. We stake our name on our customer’s happiness, and we are happy you chose us with your most treasured items with our moving services. Help make your next residential or commercial move an absolute breeze with Artisan Movers. Discover what we can do for you when you request a quote or give us a call at (240) 600-0998.