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    If you’re relocating to a new home or business, you know how stressful the moving process can be. Packing up your furniture, loading it into the truck, figuring out transportation, getting your kids into the car, making arrangements for your pets, enduring the long car ride…after a while, it starts to feel like a never ending headache. But what many people don’t realize is that moving doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with a team of professionals like the experts at Artisan Movers, moving to your new home or office can be fun and exciting, not a chore.


    When most people think of a moving company, they think of a team of men and women that haul furniture into a large truck, then drive off. Artisan Movers is different. As professional movers in Bethesda MD, we’re here with you every step of the way to ensure that your moving day goes as smoothly and safely as possible. We’ll help you get ready, pack up your furniture using top-


    quality              materials, safely load everything into the truck, and transport your furniture to your new location, whether you’re moving two blocks away or to a town several states away. At Artisan Movers, we’re committed to giving every customer the VIP experience, making you feel like a celebrity in your own neighborhood.

    Local Professionals That You Can Count On

    Unlike other moving companies, we’re not a big-name company that doesn’t care about anything but making a profit. We’re a friendly, locally-owned company that’s dedicated to serving the Washington DC area. From the Strathmore art center to the Bethesda Row Cinema, we’re well-acquainted with this great area and the local art and culture. And no matter where you’re moving, whether you’re headed to north Bethesda or renting an apartment at The Metropolitan, our local knowledge and expertise will help you get there in no time at all.

    Partnered with a Local Charity

    As you clean out your pantry, you might find yourself with a stack of old cans and boxes that you plan on throwing away. But instead of tossing out perfectly edible food, why not set it aside for your local food pantry? At Artisan Movers, we’ve partnered with Move For Hunger to collect unwanted food and donate it to nearby charities in the area. If you’re interested, the process is simple. All you have to do is set aside your unopened, nonperishable food. We’ll pick it up and take care of the rest. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped needy families, and cleaned out your pantry at the same time!

    Safe, Secure Packing Services

    As an expert team of movers in Bethesda MD, we understand that packing up your furniture is a lot more complicated than throwing some items in a box and sealing it with duct tape. Every piece of furniture is irreplaceable, from your old microwave to your antique heirloom lamp. And every piece of furniture requires a unique packing process with high-quality materials that ensure its safety. There is no “one size fits all” process for packing up furniture. A good team of movers has a different set of skills for hauling a sofa downstairs vs. handling a set of priceless china, and everything in between. And at Artisan Movers, we’re proud to offer these skills to every customer that reaches out to us.

    When you hire us to pack up your furniture, we’ll treat every piece of furniture with care and reverence to ensure that it all arrives to your new location in one piece. We can transport large furniture like tables and chairs, delicate pieces like mirrors and silverware, bulky appliances like stoves and fridges, antique pieces like family heirlooms, and much more. Our packing supplies include sturdy boxes, durable plastic, rolls of bubble wrap, and other quality supplies from the top of the market. We’ll take every precaution to ensure that your furniture is safely secured in its packaging, then carefully transport it to your new location.

    Once we arrive, we can also help you unpack. Our expert movers can place your furniture just about anywhere, even up (and down) flights of stairs. With us, you can spend less time hauling furniture around and more time enjoying your new house. And if you ever want to pack or unpack a particular piece of furniture yourself, just let us know and we’ll be happy to step aside.

    Professional Services for Commercial Businesses

    In some ways, relocating a business can be even more difficult than relocating to a new home. Businesses are usually stocked with heavy furniture, expensive appliances, valuable computer equipment, and sensitive files stored in shelves and cabinets. Fortunately, with our expertise, you won’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed. As business owners, we understand the value of your furniture and equipment, and we’ll tailor our services accordingly. We’ll pack everything using safe, secure methods that keeps your furniture stable during transport, and protects the security of sensitive files and documents.

    At Artisan Movers, professionalism is one of our key values. Throughout the moving process, we’ll be polite, friendly, and professional, working with you directly to make sure that we meet your business’s individual needs. And if your employees have questions, we’ll work with them to make sure that the moving process goes as smoothly as possible. Moving to a new office can be a big commitment. We’re here to relieve the stress and headaches and help you get situated in your new location.

    Affordable Long-Distance Moving Services

    Unlike other moving companies, our services don’t end at the state line. If you’re moving somewhere outside of the Washington DC area, we’ll be happy to transport your furniture to your new location, whether it’s a few states away or on the opposite end of the country. No need to look for an outside moving service or try to coordinate your transportation. You’ll enjoy the same great services that we offer to local clients, and with the added benefit of safe long-distance transportation.

    Once we get there, we won’t drop off your furniture and leave. We’ll help you unpack, set up your furniture, and get ready for this exciting new stage in your life. We’ll eliminate the unnecessary stress from the process, making a long-distance move seem as easy and straightforward as moving to a new house across the street.

    Short- And Long-Term Storage Solutions

    If you find yourself suddenly needing to postpone your move, you might find yourself scrambling for a place to store your furniture. Fortunately, at Artisan Movers, we give our clients the opportunity to store their furniture in our safe, climate-controlled storage facility. We can store your furniture for virtually any length of time, from a few weeks to several months. And we have the room to store just about anything, from a tiny china lamp to a massive wardrobe. Whatever you need, our storage facility center is here to serve you.Artisan Movers out of Rockville MD

    Our facility is kept cool and climate-controlled to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, and other infestations that could ruin our furniture. We offer full surveillance and supervision to guard against thieves, ensuring that your furniture will be safe 24/7. If you need a place to store your furniture before your big moving day, call us now and see how our storage facility can work for you.

    High-Quality Packing Materials

    If you’re looking for a Bethesda moving company but prefer to pack your furniture yourself, we offer the full range of high-quality packing materials. You can purchase materials directly from us, including durable cardboard boxes, plastic wrap, packaging materials, and more. We offer boxes in virtually every size, from small containers to large wardrobe boxes. Because you’re buying directly from a professional team of movers, you can rest assured that you’re investing in the most high-quality products on the market. And if you change your mind and decide that you need some help with the packing process, we’re always here to help you get your furniture packed up and transported to your new house.

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    Got questions or comments before we get started? Let us know what you’re looking for, and these movers in Rockville MD will get you on the right track as soon as possible. It’s our mission to make your moving a day a smooth, stress-free experience. And once you’ve worked with us, we’re confident that you’ll appreciate our skills, knowledge, and professionalism that simply can’t be matched by anyone else in the industry.