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    Moving your office can be quite stressful. Not only is it tiring but a myriad of things could go wrong during the process. Some of these problems could be logistical while others could be as a result of the incompetence of the movers. If you do not get the right moving company for your job, you stand to suffer from damaged items, missing or late delivery, unexpected or unreasonable fees, and inflated weight on your goods so that you end up paying more than agreed upon; this could end up costing your business a lot of cash and time. Getting professionals DC office movers to handle your commercial relocation needs is of paramount importance if you want a smooth, accident-free operation.

    Artisan Movers are one of the leading Washington DC office movers. We will assist you in the packing, loading, storing, and moving of goods across the country or around the corner, wherever your relocation needs take your business. We understand that choosing the right moving company will require you to have an eye for quality. Here are some of the characteristics to search for in a good moving company.

    Excellent customer service

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    A good company knows that the client is the most important entity in the business. It also understands that the customer has invested a lot in the property that is being moved and that is why we are always looking forward to helping you with your logistical problem so that you may rest easy. Our agents are knowledgeable and will answer all the queries that you might have. As a matter of fact, we have had countless customers decide to move with us, just as a result of our amazing customer service which includes prompt replies to emails and always answering calls. In the event you need to leave a message, we return  your call on average within the hour.

    Has reliable consumer reviews

    Our goal has always been to see the customer happy and more than satisfied. Our previous clients have given us positive reviews, and most of them have even referred their friends to us. You can view our reviews on our testimonial page or our personal Google, Angie’s List and Yelp pages; we only aim to give you a fantastic moving experience.

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    Calculates the costs before the move

    The mark of a professional moving company is integrity. Some companies will fail to tell you the costs until they are done moving you. This is when they then proceed to charge you an exorbitant amount complete with ‘miscellaneous costs’. We know that changing locations will cost you quite a bit of cash and we wouldn’t want to see you break your back trying to go through the process. That is why our representatives visit you first and accurately estimate the costs you are going to incur and give you the estimate. You will then decide whether to work with us.

    Has enough logistical equipment and personnel

    In our possession, we have enough equipment and vehicles to handle any moving wish that you might have. We also have highly-skilled and well-motivated workers who tirelessly work to see the process goes through without a hiccup.

    Office movers in dcIs Licensed

    The right moving company has the necessary licenses required to carry out their operations and your commercial move in Washington DC. It is important that you confirm that the moving company you are interested in is fully licensed. This will also help you sieve the wheat from the chaff as a non-professional will less than likely have a permit to operate a moving company legitimately. Artisan movers have all the proper licensing required to handle your goods. You can rest easy and trust us. As a matter of fact you can look us up on the Department of Transportation website to confirm our licensing status.

    Most of the times, people think that moving is just carrying stuff up and down the stairs, loading them into a truck, and driving them to your new premises. While part of it is correct, at Artisan Movers, we also offer additional services to see that the process goes smoothly. This is one reason why we are among the best Washington DC office movers.

    Here are several of the office moving services that we provide:

    Packing and Unpacking

    You probably have all that you can handle on your plate when you consider moving; packing is an unnecessary burden, particularly when you’re trying to run a business, and this is why we offer to pack your equipment and belongings. Our professionals do the job methodically to ensure that your stuff is well organized. We also ensure that they are packed in protective casings to avoid any mishaps during the journey.

    Disassembling and Reassembling

    We know that large furniture will give you a headache during the office relocation. Do not let this eat you up; we will sort it out for you. Our experts are well-versed in disassembling and reassembling office furniture including cubicles to make sure they make it out of your office safely and into your new location.

    Handling fragile items

    We have the skills and means necessary to handle your special items. These include art, antiques, wine collections, and so forth.  We also build custom crates to handle your precious and large fragile items.

    Storing of goods

    In an ideal world, all your belongings usually goes as expected during your move. However that’s not always the case, as such, we’re prepared in the event you need storage prior to or after your move. In the event that the timeline you had projected does not work out like you intended it to, we will store your goods for you until you are prepared to move them into your home. This will save you a lot of hassle in case something happens where storage is needed. Whether you need to have your items held overnight, for a week, month and even a year or more, we have your storage solutions handled.

    Artisan movers are proud to be one of the most reliable Washington DC movers available to you. Based in Rockville, we offer insured and licensed moving services for people living in Washington DC and around the entire DC Metro Area. However, our services aren’t restricted to just the local area; we also offer long distance moving services. Our well-trained employees are personable, dependable and efficient to ensure that we save you time and unnecessary costs. In the event that our client needs some assistance in packing, disassembling, or shipping, we are more than happy to be of assistance; we also have no qualms to addressing specific needs. If you are looking for DC commercial movers that will assure you that your expectations will be met, contact us today at (844) 416-6837 for a free quote.