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    Top Bethesda Restaurants to Consider

    One of the major aspects that will influence your dining experience is the type of restaurant you choose. The occasion, type of food, location, service, and ambiance are some of the things you will look at when selecting a restaurant. While some restaurants will offer something unique in terms of cuisine for instance, others like to be diverse. If you are in Bethesda, Maryland, here is a list of some of the best restaurants you should visit..

    Kapnos Kouzina

    kapnos kozina bethesda

    Kapnos Kozina

    This restaurant in a classy space has a Greek and modern style to it. At this restaurant, you will enjoy a variety of food including fried chicken, souvlaki, and flatbreads. There’s no fusion twists to the Greek food and the cocktails and wines are also top notch. Kapnos Kouzina has an open kitchen concept that creates a home style and feel to the space. The ambiance is warm-toned. With great service, décor, and a creative menu, this restaurant is definitely a must visit.




    If you like to try out new things all the time, this is the restaurant for you. The menu evolves from time to time so be prepared for different food choices every time you visit this restaurant. The changing menu also comes with an innovative wine list. What’s more, the service is excellent.

    Le Vieux Logis

    This is a French restaurant you will find in downtown Bethesda. It is an excellent restaurant to visit with a magnificent ambiance having won a beauty spot award for it’s phenomenal incorporation of nature into the urban setting of the restaurant. At Le Vieux Logis, there is a range of specialty dishes for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. For the former, vegetarian extravaganza and Portobello burger are a musty try. With the extravaganza, you will enjoy a variety of seasonable vegetables as well as grains. On the other hand, the burger is simply deliciously roasted plump mushrooms. If you are a meat lover, go for the classical French duck a l’orange as well as the short beef ribs offered.

    Bethesda crab house

    Bethesda Crab House

    Bethesda Crab House

    As one of the oldest eating spots established in Bethesda, this restaurant is one of the best in the region. It is run by a family and is known for its fresh seafood, especially crabs: crab cakes, soft-shell crabs, snow crabs, and king crab legs. Tartar and cocktail sauce are some of the pairings served with the crab cakes. For dessert, lime pie is offered. The tradition of this restaurant since its establishment makes it a unique eating spot in Bethesda and is a favorite of Artisan Movers staff.

    Raku Asian Dining

    As suggested by the name, this Bethesda restaurant has an Asian dining style to it. This restaurant offers a range of dishes to the diners. However, the delicacies at this restaurant are mainly raw fish, sushi precisely. You can also enjoy teriyaki-marinated meat, which you can have with either noodles or rice. At Raku Asian Dining, you won’t miss sake. This is a rice wine made traditionally according to Japanese interpretations. There is a lot more that Raku Asian Dining has to offer, which is why it’s one of the best restaurants in Bethesda. Also check out or list of lodging options in Bethesda, MD.