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    5 Famous People from Bethesda MD

    You would never guess but Bethesda, MD is home to a lot of famous people. Here is a list of just a few people from Bethesda who went on to be famous.

    1) Sean Murray

    Sean Murray from Bethesda MD

    Sean Murray

    This actor is most known for his role as Timothy McGee on NCIS. He also played Thackery Binx in Disney’s Hocus Pocus and Danny Walden in Jag. His brother, Chad Murray, is a producer on NCIS: Los Angelos. He also has seven step-siblings, courtesy of his step father, Donald P. Bellisario.

    2) Nancy Reagan

    Nancy Reagan, wife of former President Ronald Reagan, was the First Lady from 1981 to 1989. Before that, she was also an actress under her maiden name, Nancy Davis. She starred in several films including Donovan’s Brain. She was a champion of recreation drug use prevention and is well-known for the “Just Say No” campaign. She was heavily involved in research for Alzheimer’s with the National Alzheimer’s Association and the Ronald and Nancy Reagan Research Institute. She is also the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    3) Paul Palmer

    Paul Palmer is a former NFL football player. He played as a running back for several teams in his career, including the Kansas City Chief, Detroit Lions, and Dallas Cowboys. He scored 10 touchdowns in his career and was considered All-American in 1986.

    Robert_Gordon Bethesda Native

    Robert Gordon

    4) Robert Gordon

    Robert Gordon is a musician and actor. He is known for rockabilly, country, punk rock, and blues. He has released over 10 albums so far, the most recent of which is “I’m Coming Home” which was released in 2014. In 1978 Billboard magazine called him “the new voice of rock and roll”. He costarred in cult favorite The Loveless and also starred in a comedy skit on the popular show SCTV.

    5) Ted King

    Actor Ted King another former Bethesda native is best known for his role at Inspector Andy Trudeau on TV series Charmed but he also had a repeating role in soap opera General Hospital. He has also made appearances in TV shows like Frasier, and Sex and the City. He also played Downey on Prison Break. Ted King is heavily involved in charity, the most notable of which is the Make a Wish Foundation. He was nominated twice for the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Younger Lead Actor. In 2005, he won the Soap Opera Digest Award for Favorite Villain for his role in General Hospital.

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