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    Best Landmarks in Bethesda MD

    Have you ever been to Bethesda, Maryland? This urban district, which has over 200 restaurants, two live theatres, and offers some of the best shopping in the area, is a true hidden gem just northwest of Washington DC. Other than a one of a kind shopping experience, there are many other landmarks in Bethesda that draw the interest of both locals and tourist.

    Bethesda Meeting House Landmark

    The Bethesda Meeting House

    Bethesda Meeting House

    The Bethesda Meeting House was constructed on the foundation of an 1820 Presbyterian church which burned down in 1849. From 1850 until 1925, the house served as the a church until a new church was built not far away. Postmaster Robert Franck named the community Bethesda after the meeting house in 1871. Approximately 106 years later, in 1977, the Bethesda Meeting House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    The Mansion at Strathmore

    Located in north Bethesda, the Mansion at Strathmore is a non-profit music venue that hosts a variety of musical performances across all genres. Built in the summer and fall of 1899 for the Oyster family and later sold to Charles Corby in 1908, the Mansion houses small concerts and art exhibitions throughout the year. Besides having exhibitions for local artist,the Mansion also collaborates with renowned museums throughout the year. In addition to the art exhibitions and musical performances, the Mansion offers free outdoor concerts in summer which are a must see. Not to be left out, the Mansion also produces the Backyard Theater for Children every Thursday morning.


    Constructed around 1894, this two and half story colonial revival style house was the summer residence for Washington, D.C., businessman and former District of Columbia Commissioner Samuel E. Wheatley and his family. The Wheatley family owned the house from 1894 until 1944. In 2005, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    bethesda theatre

    The Bethesda Theatre

    The Bethesda Theatre

    Built in 1938, the Bethesda Theatre is a historic, streamline modern movie theater. This multi-level building was constructed of rectangular blocks, which is unheard of nowadays. Much of the interior remains the same as it did in 1938. Only the seating and a few other changes have occurred over the years. However, it has had a few name changes. When it re-opened in 1983, it opened as the Bethesda Cinema and Drafthouse. Back then, the theater was showing movies on a single screen and serving food and beer. In 1990, it again changed its name to the Bethesda Theatre Cafe. More recently in 2007, it underwent renovations transforming into a theater for theatrical productions. In 1999, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    These are just a few of the best landmarks in Bethesda, Maryland. From the Bethesda Meeting House, which is the namesake of the community, to the the Mansion at Strathmore, there are many venues that contain history that has deep roots in the community. These landmarks truly speak volumes about Bethesda’s rich history and hold rights to being a few of the best landmarks in this beautiful city. You can also check out our list of local Bethesda celebrities.