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    Top Restaurants in Rockville MD

    There’s no shortage of great restaurants in Rockville; and whether you’re looking for an affordable, family-friendly diner or fine dining for that extra-special occasion, you’re sure to find it in

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    Rockville. Here are some of the best restaurants to be found in Rockville:


    Affordable Dining

    Just because a restaurant offers the finest in well-prepared cuisine, it doesn’t mean the establishment isn’t family friendly or that you might need to break the bank to enjoy a scrumptious meal. If

    fact, some of the most affordable made Washingtonian magazine’s list of the area’s finest restaurants.



    La Lamina

    Ranked on Washingtonian’s 2016 list of the very finest cuisine in the DC area, La Lamina serves authentic Peruvian cuisine in a casual, family-friendly atmosphere. All food is carefully prepared, and the establishment is proud to state they never use a microwave when cooking their delectable dishes. Needless to

    la limena rocvkille md

    say, this isn’t “fast food,” and the portions are generous enough to satisfy the hungriest members of the family.

    Located near the Rockville Town Center, La Lamina offers such popular dishes as classic ceviche, or fish, marinated in lime juice with Peruvian herbs and spices and lomo saltado, a stir-fry dish consisting of beef chunks sautéed in tomatoes, onions and Peruvian spices served with steamed rice and fries.


    Peter Chang

    One of a chain of seven restaurants established by the former chef for the Chinese Embassy, Peter Chang’s Rockville restaurant also ranked on the Washingtonian’s 2016 DC-area’s finest cuisine list. Specializing in spicy Szechuan dishes, Chang’s popular restaurant has also received rave reviews from the New York Times, Washington Post, The New Yorker and Travel + Leisure. A favorite chef specialty is “Duck in Stone Pot.”


    rockville town center spice xing

    Spice Xing

    Reasonably-priced for a Sudhir Seth restaurant, the Rockville Spice Xing offers Indian cuisine comparable both in taste and quality to Seth’s more expensive establishments. Having trained with

    Buckingham Palace chefs and having worked with the distinguished Taj hotels, Seth brought his culinary experience to the Rockville area. Noteworthy on the Spice Xing menu are authentic Indian dishes and vegan choices to please the most discriminating appetites.


    Upscale Dining

    If you’re planning a night for that special occasion, you can choose from among Rockville’s most-distinguished dining establishments.


    quench in rockville


    Known for its wide selection of crafted cocktails, Quench also offers a menu filled with appetizers, snacks and sandwiches. Located in the high-income North Potomac area, Quench is the product of attorney Michael Holstein, whose goal was to bring a touch of the urban nightlife to the affluent suburbs. Patrons can experience “laid-back luxury” while enjoying homemade hush puppies or a Korean or Panang burger.


    Il Pizzico

    Featuring a small-town intimate atmosphere, Il Pizzico, Italian for “The Pinch,” offers authentic ethnic recipes with the perfect “pinch” of seasonings. Murals deck the walls, providing a casual ambiance that sets the tone for the painstakingly-prepared homemade Italian dishes.